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In lieu of a formal 2021 annual meeting, SHFG is sponsoring several panels at the upcoming NCPH Annual Meeting in coordination with the NCPH Government Historians Committee. 
(panel information below)

For those members who do not want to join the virtual meeting space, NCPH has graciously agreed to record these panels which we will make available for SHFG membership after the meeting ends. 

NCPH Annual Meeting

"The Presence and Persistence of Stories"

 March 8-27, 2021, virtual

Registration info:

March 12, 1-3pm

Navigating Government History Careers Government is one of the largest employers of historians and history-related professionals. This workshop is designed to provide information and resources for individuals seeking employment in history-related fields in federal and state government. Representatives from a variety of offices will discuss history and related fields career paths; provide an overview and answer 4 questions about navigating the USAJOBS hiring system; give resume and interview tips; and explain how to take advantage of professional networking and internship opportunities. This workshop is hosted by NCPH's Committee for Government Historians in conjunction with the Society for History in the Federal Government.

Pre-registration is required for a cost of $5; you can register when you register for the conference, or go back and add it later via the instructions at

Limit 30 participants.
Facilitators: Mandy Chalou, US Department of State
Elizabeth Charles, US Department of State
Rebekah Dobrasko, Texas Department of Transportation
Jessie Kratz, US National Archives
Mattea Sanders, United States Air Force

March 18

COVID-19 Stories from and of Federal Historians

COVID-19 altered the nature of historical work within the government, barring historians from archives, potential interviewees, and even their places of work. In this session, a group of federal historians will discuss how COVID-19 altered how they conduct their work documenting and interpreting their agency’s history, conducting oral histories, and accessing classified information. Organized by NCPH’s Committee for Government Historians in conjunction with the Society for History in the Federal Government.
Presenters: Richard Hulver, National Cemetery Administration
Jessie Kratz, National Archives and Records Administration
Mattea Sanders, United States Air Force

March 20

12:30 pm
Live Q&A
The Foreign Relations Series at 160: Stories of the Past; Communities of the Present
(Before you join this live Q&A, make sure to watch the pre-recorded session “The Foreign Relations Series at 160,” available in the conference platform beginning March 8.)

The Office of the Historian, US Department of State will celebrate three major anniversaries over the next three years, including the 160th anniversary of the Foreign Relations of the United States series, the official record of significant US diplomatic decisions and activities. The anniversaries offer the Office and the scholarly community an opportunity to examine recent efforts to expand coverage, pursue openness and transparency, and record the Department of State’s history. Check out the pre-recorded session and then join the panelists for this live Q&A to dig deeper into the successes and challenges in documenting US foreign policy in the post1945 world. Sponsored by the NCPH Committee for Government Historians.
Participants: Kristin Ahlberg, US Department of State
Carl Ashley, US Department of State
Mandy Chalou, US Department of State
Adam Howard, US Department of State

March 18

Simulating Diplomatic History: Introducing the Skills and Tools of Diplomacy through RolePlay

In early 2020, the National Museum of American Diplomacy at the US Department of State received a grant from the Una Chapman Cox Foundation to develop historic based diplomacy simulations on the Suez Canal Crisis, Negotiating Trade and Tribute with the Barbary Nations, and the Spanish-American-Cuban-Philippine War. Conceived for educators, students, and public groups, the Museum’s diplomacy simulations engage participants in the study of diplomacy and the work of Foreign Service Officers. This highly successful and proven immersive learning model has participants take on the roles of nation and group stakeholders, learn about the different perspectives and the issue, present and discuss their positions, and work on the negotiation of an agreement or a solution. The conference panelists, representing planning partners from the National Museum of American Diplomacy and the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, will discuss the opportunities and challenges presented to them when developing these scenarios and preparing to share them with an online audience (for launch in the fall of 2021). This session is organized by the Society for History in the Federal Government.
Presenters: Lauren Krizner Fischer, National Museum of American Diplomacy
Alison Mann, National Museum of American Diplomacy
Nate Sleeter, The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, George Mason University

March 19

Oral History Partnerships at the National Institutes of Health

This panel, designed for both government employees and outside researchers, will discuss how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) captures oral histories across the offices and institutes that make up the agency. Whether conducted internally or by a contractor, these oral histories document the NIH’s past and provide a valuable resource for both staff and outside audiences. This panel discussion will cover the development of the NIH History Office’s oral history program, how oral histories are created and shared at NIH, and how the program continues to grow and evolve during a global pandemic. The panel will also highlight several case studies that show how the NIH has successfully captured important stories from its past, and how these stories have been disseminated beyond the archive.
Organized by the Society for History in the Federal Government.
Presenters: Christopher Donohue, National Human Genome Research Institute
Michele Lyons, Office of NIH History and Stetten Museum
Carly Swaim, Carly Swaim Consulting
Robert Scott Vierick, History Associates, Inc.


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