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Society for History in the Federal Government
Code of Conduct

The Society for History in the Federal Government (SHFG), in all its events and programming, fosters the establishment of a harassment-free space for all its members and participants in Society programming.  All members and participants should engage in respectful and collegial behavior at all times.

As an organization dedicated to reflecting a multiplicity of views and perspectives, SHFG does not condone discrimination and/or harassment in any form.  Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of others based on difference. Harassment can take many forms, not limited to behavior that demeans, belittles, or humiliates an individual based on their gender, sexual identity, race, appearance, disability, gender identity, religion, or other identity.  It can also include threats of physical violence, intimidation, unwanted sexual or physical conduct, unwanted sexual language, and inflammatory language.

The Society requires all attendees of the annual meeting to abide by this Code of Conduct and acknowledge it at the time of registration.Violation of this Code of Conduct is grounds for dismissal from SHFG events.

This Code of Conduct reflects the earlier Codes of Conduct adapted by the governing bodies of the American Historical Association, National Council on Public History, Oral History Association, Society of American Archivists, Association of Canadian Archivists, among others.


Society for History in the Federal Government
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